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Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement

Begins sunset 19 September 2018, ends sunset 20 September 2018
(This is following the new moon sighting of 10th September - last Monday evening)

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is a day of contradictions and contrasts: joy and sorrow. Acceptance of the righteous and rejection/judgment for the wicked rebels - the tares. This day is the time when the tares and the wheat are separated. The tares are destroyed and the wheat retained for harvest. This day, perhaps the most solemn day of the year, culminates a 10-day period of self introspection and repentance (teshuvah) on the part of the Believer as he seeks to draw closer spiritually to the Creator of the Universe—YHVH Elohim. This follows the great awakening brought about through the warning blasts of Yom Teruah. A warning message which results in the 'wheat' believers producing fruit = the head of the wheat. The tares on the other hand reject the warning sounds and remain naked.

This feast does not concern the non-believing 'ungodly' masses. They will be destroyed following Yom Kippur by the bowls of wrath.
The feast of Yom Kippur is focused on the judgement and separation of the Almighty's own people - the believers, the 'house of YHWH'. 

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