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This site is not intended to be a 'book store' and therefore the books listed are not available through this site. The list of 'recommended books' is also not an exhaustive one. These books represent some of the books that we have personally read and have found to be of great value to a Messianic Believer. There are many more Messianic books advertised in addition to these on sites which are listed under 'Recommended Sites'. Some of the books listed are available on this site as PDF files - look for the indicator. Also,move your mouse over the thumbnail to identify where you can obtain the book.


Be Perfect

 Be Perfect is a devotional written by Andrew Murray in which he discusses what 'perfect' means in the Bible. Andrew Murray was a South African pastor and Christian writer who considered missions to be the chief ed of the church. Murray was one of the leading figures during the South African Revival of 1860. Today he is best remembered as a writer of hundreds of Christian books, many of which are still widely read today including Abide in Christ, Absolute Surrender, and With Christ in the School of Prayer.

The Spiritual Life

 ANDREW MURRAY was a famous pastor, writer and conference speaker during the 19th century. His insightful, Biblical writings have incredible depth and are still treasured today. THE SPIRITUAL LIFE is a rare gem that deals with walking in the Spirit, overcoming hindrances and abiding in Christ. A true classic!

thanks to my friend Brian for recommending this book
- a real blessing and a must read for the overcomer.

Who Is Jesus

Who is Jesus - Anthony Buzzard
It is a well-documented fact that many of the church's "major doctrines" were not instituted until well after New Testament apostolic times. Christians in search of a vigorous biblical Christianity will find it refreshing to distinguish between what comes from Scripture and what many have unconsciously 'canonized' from Church tradition and Councils.

Christ in you - The Hope of Glory

Christ In You - The Hope of Glory - Joseph Herrin
Shining a light on the glorious future of the sons of YHWH


The Gate and The Way

The Gate and The Way - Joseph Herrin
Being a disciple of Yahushua requires much more than believing and confessing certain things about the Son of YHWH. Y'Shua testified that He is the Gate by which all men must enter to be reconciled to the Father. Yet, Y'Shua also said there is a way that must be walked, and few there are who find it.


The Remnant Bride

The Remnant Bride - Joseph Herrin
Who exactly is the Bride of Y'Shua?. If you thought that the bride was all Christians, this book will surprise you.

The Harlot Church System - Charles E Newbold


The Harlot Church - Charles E Newbold is an excellent book for those interested in Mystery Babylon.
Although the book focuses mainly on the Christian church system, the initial introductory pages expand on the identity of Mystery Babylon. I thoroughly enjoyed this book which, in my opinion, is a most insightful read. My only dissappointment was the chapter on 'Legalism' which could be erroneously understood to imply that Torah observance is no longer part of our growth and maturity.


The Tares Among the Wheat - Brad Scott

Available through Wildbranch Ministry from Brad ScottThe Scriptures teach us that the end is to be understood out of the beginning. Most prophetic ministries teach the end from the middle. Using the pictures of ancient Hebrew, Brad traces the restrainer back to the midst of the garden, through the lives of Cain, Ishmael and Esau, and concludes with the agricultural parables of Yeshua‘. The restrainer, or he who withholds in 2 Thessalonians 2:6–8, is clearly seen, from the very beginning, holding back the wheat from producing fruit. There is only one way for the man of sin to be stopped and revealed. Restoration! It is time for the prodigal son to come home.

Matthew 13:49 “So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just…”

Available from Wildbranch Ministry

In The Twinkling Of An Eye, The End Of Days - Lew White

 A delightful new book by the author of Fossilized Customs, dealing with all scripture related to the 2nd coming of Messiah. This book deals with “The Two Witnesses”, “The Secret of Elohim Revealed”, “The Tribulation”, “ The Rapture”, and many more topics.

Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness - Batya Wootten

 Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness was written to show Believers how to celebrate the Feasts of Israel in a way that honours Yeshua and helps to restore the two houses of Israel. It explains what the Scriptures actually say, compares them to the traditions of Judaism and Christianity, then outlines how we can celebrate...
This book explains the richness of the Passover, Feast of Unleavened bread; First Fruits; the counting of the omer. The giving of the law at the time of Shavuot( Pentecost); the feast of Trumpets (Yom Terua); Yom Kippur; the prophetic significance of the 2 silver trumpets; the Messianic age and many more.

Mama’s Torah - Batya Wootten

 Mama’s Torah offers a clear, concise overview of the Father’s latter-day plan for women. It also has to do with the restoration of all Israel.

Women hold the key to Torah being properly taught in our day. If Torah is not taught with compassion, it is not true Torah. And without true Torah, we cannot overcome...


They Loved the Torah - Dr. David Friedman

What Yeshua’s first followers really thought about the law. This jewel of a book looks into the practices of Yahushua’s followers, showing that they walked in the teaching of the Torah.

The book also provide details of the practices of the religious movements (Pharisees, Sadducees etc) in the time of Yahushua. Foreword by Ariel Berkowitz.

Who Is The Bride Of Christ? - Eddie Chumney

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a parable about ten virgins. Five of them were wise, and five were foolish. Who are the wise virgins, and who are the foolish virgins? Are the wise virgins the Church and the foolish virgins unbelievers? Are the wise virgins the Bride of Christ? Who is the Bride of Christ?
Who is the Bride of Christ?
is a step-by-step, line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept Bible teaching, examining the biblical characteristics of the Bride of Christ. After reading this book, you will know who the Bride of Christ is, what her characteristics are, and what her role is in the Kingdom of Heaven. (476 pages)

Restoring the Two Houses of Israel - Eddie Chumney

Who are the Two Houses of Israel? Historically, they were the Northern Kingdom (house of Israel) and the Southern Kingdom (house of Judah). Today, they are known by the names of Christianity (house of Israel) and Judaism (house of Judah). Why are the two houses of Israel divided? How and when will they be reunited?

This book examines some of the doctrinal issues which have historically divided the two houses of Israel like Torah, grace, Sabbath, who is the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach) and eschatology (study of the last days). It will also examine how the Israel / Arab peace process is associated with the reunification of both houses of Israel (Ezekiel 37:15-28) in the end of days. (544 pages)

The Seven Festivals of the Messiah - Eddie Chumney

One of the most fascinating and yet probably one of the least understood topics in the Bible is that of the feasts found in Leviticus 23. This book, step by step, examines each festival for the foundational truths God wants us to learn through them. These festivals prophetically speak of the first and second comings of Jesus (Yeshua) as well as provide tremendous insight into the Christian life and our personal relationship with God.

This book will even answer the Jews' question: "Is Jesus (Yeshua) the long-awaited Messiah (Mashiach) of Israel?" As you study the foundational truths of the festivals of the L-rd revealed in this powerful new Bible reference volume, not only will you and your ministry grow spiritually, but your personal walk with God will blossom into a new dimension as well! (230 pages)

In His Own Words - Grant Luton

Available from Grant Luton direct at In His Own Words will take you on a fascinating journey through territory that has, until now, remained unexplored by Christian theologians. The book reveals amazing details about God's Word that have never been translated into our English editions.

You will learn why some letters in the original Hebrew Bible are printed over- or under-size, as well as why other letters are printed upside down, broken in half, or suspended in mid-air. You will discover why nearly every column of a Torah scroll begins with a letter that symbolizes a hook, and why some passages of scripture are printed in such a way as to depict a brick wall. This book will also demonstrate how the message of the gospel is graphically illustrated by the names, shapes, and order of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. You are sure to be inspired and encouraged by the amazing truths that God has hidden in these ancient symbols. Written in layman's terms, In His Own Words will introduce you to a dimension of God's Word that will powerfully impact your life and ministry. An Excellent Read - A must for all serious seekers.
Preface        Chapter One-Aleph

King of the Jews - D. Thomas Lancaster

 Is it possible to have the wrong Jesus? Bible critics and scholars are talking about the difference between the Jesus Christ of Christianity and the historical Jesus. But who is the historical Jesus? It turns out that Jesus is not a one-size-fits-all mystic. He wasn't a Christian either. Jesus was a Jew."

"King of the Jews Resurrecting the Jewish Jesus" is a timely, well written book that takes the Scriptural record seriously. In the recent hazy smog of liberal re-interpretations of the person of Yeshua, Lancaster's work is a very much welcomed and needed breath of fresh air. Locating Yeshua in His 1st Century Jewish setting, this work paints a graphic picture of our Messiah Who was, Who is, and Who is to come. D. Thomas Lancaster, author of Restoration and The Mystery of the Gospel: Jew and Gentile, wrote this to defend our Master from liberal scholars and conservative Christians who both misrepresent Yeshua by ignoring His Jewishness.

While stripping back centuries of cultural misinterpretations, Lancaster reveals the historical, Jewish Jesus in vivid new strokes and colors that fire the heart and deepen devotion to Him. King of the Jews digs into the history and literature of early Judaism to demonstrate the authenticity of the Gospels and to dispel todays errant re-interpretations of Jesus.

Not just another book about Jesus, this thought provoking, fun-to-read journey into the world of the Bible is guaranteed to change how you think about Jesus while affirming the historical basis for faith in the King of the Jews.

Nazarene Israel: The Original Faith of the Apostles -Norman B. Willis

 What if it could be shown conclusively,from the Scriptures and the works of the Church Fathers,that the original faith of the Apostles was nothing like today's Christianity? What would it mean?
What if the original apostolic faith was actually a Jewish and Israeli sect whose mission it was to bring back the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel;and what if you were actually one of them?
And what if the author showed you all the passages that prove this hypothesis, and then challenged you to disprove it? What would you do?
Would you scoff? Would you mock? Or would you,like a noble Berean, search out the Scriptures for yourself, to discover whether these things things were so?
If you want to know why you may be apart of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, or if you want to understand why the Jews and the Christians are really brothers, this landmark study was written for you.
                                                                                    PDF Version

Redeemed Israel - Reunited and Restored - Batya Wootten

 Your destiny in Messiah is forever linked to Israel. He preached the gospel of its kingdom. His disciples spoke of the restoration of David’s fallen house – a restoration that includes all who join with Israel.
If you feel drawn to your Hebraic roots, have an unexplainable love for the Jewish people,feel an urge to celebrate the feasts of Israel, or just want to understand "Israel," this book is for you. The truths it unveils will enrich your relationship with the Holy One of Israel. The revelations it unfolds are leading both Jewish and non-Jewish Believers, Judah and Ephraim, back to the ancient faith of their forefathers.

Restoration – Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus - D. Thomas Lancaster.

Discover for yourself the profound beauty of Torah life, the celebration of the biblical Sabbath, and the appreciation of Elohim’s set-apart feast days. Your eyes will be opened to the other dimension of the faith that is beginning to re-emerge among Christians worldwide.
Biblical Christianity was originally a sect of Judaism that believed in Jesus and revered the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) as the core of her scriptures. Restoration is a riveting argument for a return to that original, biblical expression of faith in Jesus.

Lancaster answers common theological objections to the Torah, while demonstrating that Christians are already keeping more of God's Law than they realize.  This thought provoking, theological boat-rocker is a fun-to-read, inspiring journey into the world of the Bible.

The Scriptures - Institute For Scripture Research

 This is a literal translation of the Bible in English. This translation differs significantly from most common English translations in that it has restored the original book order of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Tanakh, and restored the Name of the Most High, YHWH/יהוה throughout. The Names of all the books in the Tenakh are now restored to the original Hebrew, including the books of the Torah.

The Torah Zone - Lew White

 Anthology of articles. Questions from readers with  answers from Lew White. It covers subjects such as The Name of the Creator; What is the Gospel?; Paul. The Judaizers; the Kipa (Scull cap); Who were the Nazarenes? And many more subjects.

The Two Babylons - Alexander Hislop

Also titled, The Papal Worship proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and his Wife. (1932 edition). A study guide to many scholars, including Ddr. Chris Koster & Lew White, authors of Come out of her, My people and Fossilized Customs.An all time favourite, exposing the paganism in the church.

Topics include the origins of: 
The Trinity, Mother & Child, Christmas, Easter, Mass, Idol processions, the Roseray

PDF Version

Come Out Of Her My People - C.J. Koster

Dr. Koster provides ample proof that Babylonian practices corrupted Christianity down through the centuries in practice, concepts, words, and symbols.  Many illustrations.  The book provides many examples of how our words have been adopted from ancient Pagan idolatry, but revised to refer to the true Creator .  

 This book will show you another perspective, and prove to you that the Name of the Messiah is definitely not the Greco-Romanized one most people believe it is, but rather is a Hebrew Name. 

Fossilized Customs - Lew White

A book filled with mystery, yet reveals the Truth of the origins of many things you do, and never knew why.
Spanning all of human history, men of influence have been DUPED BY A SERIES OF DEMONIC STUNTS (false teachings). Find out who, what, where, why, and how this managed to happen in the book Fossilized Customs.

If you believe in the Creator, and desire to know about the infiltration of Paganism into every facet of our popular customs including religious culture, you need to read this book.

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